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With rapid globalization, fallout of European debt crisis and slowdown in Asia it is not clear how these trends will play out. Going forward companies will be faced with shifting market dynamics. This may be in form of adverse change or arrival of new competitors, and all this makes it more critical to now scrutinize current costing. There is no doubt about the fact that businesses with efficient procurement organization deliver 18% higher profit margins as compared to their competitors. Efficient procurement in addition to higher savings can also delivery greater value through being more prepared for any supply chain related risks, allow for innovations and can also contribute to other business objectives.

EmpoweringCPO is among one of the leading procurement consulting companies. We understand this aspect, being one of the best spend analysis companies, our services and delivery model are structured so as to strengthen the existing onsite procurement team of our clients and also help achieve competitiveness at the same time.

Delivery Shore
Traditional Delivery Model Onsite: Traditional supply chain advisory firms have onsite delivery model, the resources are deployed at client location; some firms have mix of both onsite and offsite models
ECPO Delivery Model Offsite: Our model is 100% offsite based using proven Knowledge Process Outsourcing approach with state of art delivery centers located in India
Traditional Delivery Model Short Tem: Traditional model is project based (6 Months), and hence this leads to disruption and loss of knowledge gained after the completion of assignment
ECPO Delivery Model Long Term: Our model is designed to be long term and ongoing as our fundamental strategy is to be a seamless extension of our client’s procurement teams
Talent Pool
Traditional Delivery Model High Cost, High Attrition: Traditional firms have onsite resources from high cost countries; they compete for the same limited resource with obvious issues related to high cost and high attrition
ECPO Delivery Model Highly Skilled, Low Attrition: Our delivery centers are located in India and hence offer added advantage of choosing from highly qualified and skilled talent pool
Traditional Delivery Model Duplication: With traditional model the external team is deployed onsite, and hence there is obvious duplication of resources, as the onsite external team has same KPI as the internal core team
ECPO Delivery Model No Duplication: Our model is 100% offsite and hence at no point resources are duplicated also the onsite internal team and EmpoweringCPO offsite team have distinct KPI’s and deliverables
Traditional Delivery Model High Cost: With the traditional model approach the resources are deployed onsite with very short term arrangement and hence the cost is prohibitively high
ECPO Delivery Model Competitive Pricing: EmpoweringCPO is structured with the objective of supporting clients with long term plans and because of very low overheads we are very cost efficient
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