• 1 List of reference clients.
    EmpoweringCPO is currently working with 3 clients (Fortune 1000 companies) in CPG domain.
  • 2 Who are part of the Advisory Board at EmpoweringCPO ?
    EmpoweringCPO Advisory Team integrates years of Management Consulting, Sourcing and Procurement experience to ensure that the operational team is able to deliver quality service from India to anywhere in the world. The team understands the needs of Procurement Department from years of professional experience at prestigious consultancy firms and companies.
  • 3 What role is played by Advisory Board members during delivery?
    Advisory Board members are responsible for mentoring and supporting the delivery team as Subject Matter Experts (SME). They actively work along with the delivery heads to ensure the projects are successfully executed.
  • 4 What are the benefits of EmpoweringCPO service offerings?
    All EmpoweringCPO services and offerings are aimed at improving bottom-line performance by reducing the cost of doing business. EmpoweringCPO provides end to end Source to Pay services to enable enterprises deliver best in class performance for key business outcomes such as reduced total cost of ownership and higher savings on spend.


  • 5 What categories/ commodities are included in the scope?
    EmpoweringCPO has expertise in executing strategic sourcing projects across multiple commodities within following categories: Marketing & Advertising, Facilities, Chemicals, Financial Services, Information Technology, Fuel, Human Resources, Insurance, MRO, Mail Services, Office Equipment/ Furniture, Office Supplies, Packaging, Raw Materials, Printing (Outsourced), Rent and Lease, Shipping (Freight & Logistics), Security, Travel and Utilities & Telecommunications.
  • 6 What all domains and industries are served by EmpoweringCPO?
    EmpoweringCPO serves following domains and industries – Consumer Packaged Goods, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Chemicals, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Technology, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Metals & Mining, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Retail and Travel & Transportation.
  • 7 Does EmpoweringCPO provide Offsite Procurement Transaction support services?
    Yes. EmpoweringCPO also provides Offsite Transaction support services along with key offerings of Strategic Sourcing, Category Management, BOT, LCCS and Spend Analysis.
  • 8 Can EmpoweringCPO provide onsite support or resources?
    EmpoweringCPO model is based on delivering high quality and low cost sourcing and category management support services to International Sourcing and Procurement organizations. For all our offerings the model focuses on delivering from our offices in India, however if required resources can also be deployed onsite to support delivery.


  • 9 What are the Service Level Agreement (SLA) terms and conditions?
    EmpoweringCPO has different set of SLA’s for different offerings, we are flexible and can accommodate client views to ensure quality. For all our FTE based services we adhere to strict SLA’s as listed below:
    a) Availability of offsite resources for immediate response during client business hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST). Either on Phone, Email, Video Call or Chat (response time not more than 15 minutes, SLA ~ 98%).
    b) Timely submission of Daily, Weekly and Monthly report (SLA ~ 100%).
    c) Adherence to agreed deadlines for deliverables (SLA ~ 98%).
  • 10 How much savings can we expect from Sourcing projects?
    We at EmpoweringCPO adopt our own proprietary model to estimate savings, based on various parameters. Some of these factors are external and others are internal specific to individual client needs. On an average based on our past performance the savings are achieved in the range of 5% to 12%. Please email us at info@EmpoweringCPO.com to know about our saving estimations across various categories and commodities.
  • 11 What is EmpoweringCPO BOT model for Procurement Outsourcing?
    EmpoweringCPO can build Offsite Procurement Organization for clients, in the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) framework the client delegates EmpoweringCPO to acquire and train talent and operate the facility, and this is transferred to the client after the pre-decided period of operation.
  • 12 After stabilization of delivery can the client opt for BOT model?
    Yes. At EmpoweringCPO we understand that by outsourcing, the client is keeping its buying processes at an arm’s length in favor of cost related benefits. EmpoweringCPO can rework on the terms of the contract if at a later point in time the client decides to bring the process in-house.
  • 13 What benefits can be achieved with LCCS strategy? How can EmpoweringCPO support and execute LCCS projects?
    Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) is a procurement strategy in which a company sources materials and services from countries with lower labor and production costs in order to cut operating expenses. Companies can realize significant savings when they successfully access and rely on low-cost sources in emerging regions. EmpoweringCPO can help implement LCCS strategy by providing International Purchasing Office resources and services in these low cost countries. The approach involves lower cost compared to dedicated International Purchasing Office and helps achieve faster realization of cost savings.
  • 14 What are the advantages of Offsite model Vs. Onsite Model & Onsite/Offsite Model for Strategic Sourcing?
    The advantages of Offsite Model are as follows:
    a) Availability of high quality skill sets at low costs.
    b) The client resources and onsite external service provider team members have same KPI’s, this duplication of resources is avoided with complete Offsite Model of EmpoweringCPO.
  • 15 What methods are adopted to overcome disadvantages associated with offsite delivery model?
    EmpoweringCPO adopts following methods for smooth implementation of an offsite delivery model:
    a) Frequent visits of key resources to onsite location during the initial phase of implementation.
    b) To avoid drawbacks of low face time, the medium of communication adopted is WebEx, Video Call and Chat along with Telephone and Email.
  • 16 Elaborate on the process adopted for conducting Market Research.
    EmpoweringCPO adopts many methods and has access to multiple resources to conduct Market Research as listed below:
    a) Experienced team of Advisory Board Members who are Subject Matter Experts (SME) and contribute to the Market Research.
    b) Leading journals, proprietary articles and research papers, these documents are referred for conducting Market Research.
    c) Research data collated through comprehensive research carried out on more than 100 categories.
    d) Analyzing and interpreting various primary and secondary information available.
  • 17 What are the project timelines of EmpoweringCPO for implementing a Strategic Sourcing project?
    The project timeline varies from one category/ commodity to another, on an average it takes around 3-5 months for successful completion of Strategic Sourcing project.
  • 18 What is the lead time for services like BOT, Category Management and LCCS to be initiated?
    We at EmpoweringCPO have repository of shortlisted candidates on bench as well as those who have been interviewed and shortlisted. Hence when a new project is initiated it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to kick start and deploy resources.


  • 19 What is EmpoweringCPO pricing mechanism?
    EmpoweringCPO provides flexible pricing options, clients can choose between Fixed Fee (Based on Time and Resources), Fee Per FTE, Contingency (Gain Sharing) or can also have hybrid pricing options.
  • 20 Can EmpoweringCPO work only on Contingency Fee basis?
    Yes, EmpoweringCPO can also provide contingency based sourcing services so that our clients receive the benefits of an on-demand resources without the risks of upfront costs, consulting expenses and resource time consumption.

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