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Plug Your Savings Leakage

These are rather very competitive times for all players in almost all industries. Therefore the pressure to remain competitive and reduce cost is very high. EmpoweringCPO plays a very critical role in helping their clients to achieve the desired objectives. EmpoweringCPO also gives them enough bandwidth so that they can focus on their core competencies.

Our Procurement Outsourcing services are aimed at managing activities related to sourcing and supplier management on behalf of our clients. After the completion of the Strategic Sourcing process usually the estimated savings are large when contracts are signed. In reality when it comes to contract execution, almost one fourth or more of the purchasing dollars flow outside those deals. Some of the obvious fallouts of non-compliance and maverick purchases are very high prices and risk of losing volume discounts and rebates.

EmpoweringCPO’s procurement outsourcing services can deliver on the promises made and make sure you get what you signed up for. In addition to ongoing category management, compliance management and contract management our role is to build upon those savings and drive additional performance improvements. Thus this requires continuous monitoring of the market and supplier performance. Our procurement consultants can address these challenges by providing proactive Category Management services.

The scope includes managing client group expectations, analyzing detailed spend, transactional and pricing data, as well as continuously monitoring the supply markets. Our expert’s team up to drive incremental unit-cost reductions through additional sourcing, appropriate specification changes, substitution, better demand management, and by actively targeting cost avoidance opportunities in appropriate commodities.

Deliverables of EmpoweringCPO – Procurement Outsourcing Company

  • Managing client group expectations
  • Analyzing Spend (Transactional and Pricing Data)
  • Managing Procure to Pay process
  • Vendor Performance Management
  • Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Ongoing Contract Management
  • Monitoring Supply Market and Cost Structure
  • Compliance Management

EmpoweringCPO is one of the top procurement outsourcing companies globally. Our delivery model with strong SLA’s for outsourced procurement services is in-fact our USP. We are of the opinion that the best value can be derived if a point person responsible for client group management is retained in-house and all activities and deliverables listed above are outsourced to EmpoweringCPO with delivery centers in India.

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