Strategic Sourcing

Increase in savings represented by bar graph signifies importance of strategic sourcing consulting firms

What is Strategic Sourcing?

Strategic Sourcing is a proven approach for executing sourcing projects. During every step the emphasis is to make decisions based on market intelligence and analytical rigor. The objective is to optimize the supply base and achieve reduction in Total Cost of Ownership so as to improve long term competitiveness of an organization.

To define strategic Sourcing, the simpler approach is to answer and list out how traditional procurement is different when compared with Strategic Sourcing. For both the end objective is to buy goods and services for the organization or to buy goods and services for the internal client group or the user group within the organization.

The key difference between the two processes is the method adopted as well as the end results.

#Traditional ProcurementStrategic Sourcing
1Process led by internal client group or user department, low procurement involvementProcess managed and coordinated by procurement department
2Decentralized buying by multiple units or departmentsSpend consolidation, leveraged buying
3Supplier base is highSupplier base is rationalized
4Alternatives are not exploredThorough supplier evaluation is conducted before finalizing
5Adhoc purchasing process, is time consuming and complexStandardized and digitized purchasing process, with use of best practices
6Decision making is based on perception or gut feel, use of market data is very limitedProven approach, based on data driven decision making
7Only high level cost evaluation is conductedThorough TCO analysis is conducted
8Informal deals and low use of contractsAfter strong RFP process, formal contracts are prepared
9Results are usually very weakStrong results are continuously tracked and analyzed

All the points listed above may or may not apply for many companies, but some of them may be applicable. Over the period of time EmpoweringCPO has mastered the art, and is considered among leading Strategic Sourcing companies.

Benefits of Hiring Strategic Sourcing Consulting Firm – EmpoweringCPO

  • Along with reduction in price and cost, helps in achieving higher supply chain savings and reduces life cycle costs.
  • The process explores and provides an opportunity to limit consumption and encourages substitution.
  • Helps in reviewing and simplifying specifications.
  • Thorough evaluation, SLA’s and formal contracting provide post contract benefits and the result is improved operating efficiencies and effectiveness.

Deliverables of EmpoweringCPO – A Leading Global Sourcing Company

We at EmpoweringCPO provide all the analytical horse power and market intelligence required  to execute a sourcing project. Our deliverables are in form of excel based models and power point decks at each stage of the process. The objective is to empower the onsite category managers to control the process and influence the client group so as to achieve the desired results. Our deliverables are as follows:

  • Market Intelligence (Industry Trends, Key Suppliers, Cost Drivers)
  • Analytical Rigor (Baseline Creation, Supplier Qualitative Evaluation Document, Pricing Worksheet, Negotiation Strategy, Savings Calculation Methodology, TCO Analysis, Post Contract Compliance Model)
  • Influencing Tools (Excel Based Models and Decks to influence client group)

Contact us to know more about EmpoweringCPO, one of the leading strategic sourcing consulting firms globally. We are also one of the top procurement consulting companies with worldwide presence. Contact us to know more about our capabilities, expertise and case studies. Our strategic sourcing consultants can initiate a pilot project to demonstrate and achieve real savings.

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